Welcome to kien lam

KIEN LAM Design and Construction Joint Stock Company was founded in 2010 in Ho Chi Minh City, specializing in the architectural design of high-rise and industrial projects on both domestic and international fronts.

With a robust 13-year track record in the construction design field, Kien Lam has successfully collaborated with esteemed partners such as Coteccons, Ricons, Atlas, An Phong, Newteccons, NQH, undertaking large-scale projects in collaboration with investors like Ecopark, An Gia, Tracodi, Becamex, Vin Group, among others.

At KIEN LAM, we hold our workforce as a fundamental and core value. Our company boasts a team of specialized architects with exceptional expertise in the field, dedicated to meeting the highest standards in project design.

The leadership team at KIEN LAM combines extensive experience with the enthusiasm of the younger generation, guiding the company towards substantial growth in alignment with our set direction.

KIEN LAM is steadfast in its commitment to providing partners with professionalism, experience, quality, and the most efficient timelines in their projects. The overarching goal of KIEN LAM is to achieve mutual success with partners, grounded in the "Win-Win" principle.